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171 Albert Road, Farnworth, Bolton, BL4 9HP, UK

Community Support


Recent Projects

Kindly supported by the Heineken Fund


Online Support

Our 1:1 confidential and compassionate sessions provide a safe space for you to express your thoughts, worries, and experiences related to mental health or other challenges you may be facing. Our team will actively listen, help you set achievable goals, and provide a range of therapeutic and practical support to empower you on your journey towards positive change.


Group Online Support

Group Online Support provides a safe and inclusive space facilitated by our experienced Recovery Support Team. Participants can openly discuss mental health and well-being topics, gain peer support, and receive valuable advice and coping tools. These informal sessions promote positive well-being and provide an opportunity to share experiences and support one another.


Facebook Live Sessions

Engage with our Team of Recovery Support Workers through our Facebook Live Sessions, where we provide evidence-based support and coping tools for mental health and well-being. These interactive sessions are open to all, allowing viewers to participate, seek advice, and connect with a supportive community. Join us on Facebook to access valuable resources and engage in real-time discussions that can contribute to your overall well-being.


Ongoing/Upcoming Projects

Thanks to the generous support from Bolton’s Inequality Fund, Alpkit Foundation, and the Duchy of Lancaster’s Benevolent Fund, we are able to carry out our ongoing and upcoming projects. Join us in these community initiatives to enhance your mental health and well-being. We are here to support you every step of the way.


Walking Groups

Join our weekly walking sessions in Bolton's public parks and nature spots. Led by our dedicated Recovery Support Workers, these sessions aim to improve physical health, uplift mood, and combat social isolation. Participants will learn about the mental health benefits of physical activity and enjoy open conversations while walking with like-minded individuals.


Art Therapy Groups

Engage in weekly small-group sessions either at our Farnworth Community Hub or online. Participants will receive resource packs in advance to join in remotely. Facilitated by our experienced Recovery Support Workers, these sessions encourage the creation of personalized artwork and self-help tools. It also provides a safe space to discuss mental health openly and receive peer support from group members.


Group Online Support

Facilitated by our compassionate Recovery Support Team, these group support sessions create a safe environment to openly discuss pre-set topics related to mental health and well-being. Participants can gain peer support from others facing similar challenges. These sessions are informal yet informative, offering valuable advice and coping tools for positive well-being.



Walk held at Clifton Marina in Kearsley

Moses Gate Country Park in Bolton with a morning meditation using the 'Leaves on a Stream' guided visualization

Early morning body scan and meditation at Doffcocker Lodge, Bolton

Natural imagery to evoke emotions, memories, and gratitude in group participants, fostering positive associations and generating new positive thoughts

Explore the benefits of self-care while creating Lavender bath salts, a homemade remedy that aids in stress reduction and coping during difficult times

Tap into the power of art and creative thinking to cultivate gratitude by creating visual reminders of the reasons we are grateful in life

Our Christmas Wreath making group kindly supported by Bolton's Festive Fund



A selection of our self-care and coping tools – handmade in our group sessions

Crisis Keyrings

Crisis Coping tools keyring – Handmade with love at Supported Steps

Coping 'Tool' Keyrings

Coping ‘tools’ keyring – Handmade with love at Supported Steps