Phone Number

+44 01204 318001


171 Albert Road, Farnworth, Bolton, BL4 9HP, UK


Referral Criteria

Inclusive support for physical disabilities, chronic ill-health, and personal care referrals


Referral restrictions may apply. Please consult our website for comprehensive exclusion criteria

Referral Process

Make inquiries and referrals by phone, provide necessary information via secure-encrypted email, and receive a decision within 3 working days



  • Supported Steps accept both professional referrals, and self-referrals from individuals in need.
  • Referrals can be made over the telephone, by calling our team on 01204 318001.
  • Alternatively, referrals can be made via email. 
  • Please email us at to request a referral form.


  • Supported Steps will accept any referrals / self-referrals for individuals struggling with physical disabilities, chronic ill-health or personal care. 
  • Supported Steps will accept any referrals / referrals for individuals struggling with mental ill-health who have not previously been assessed or clustered by NHS Mental Health Services. 
  • Provided that the individual being referred is not subject to any of our exclusions (see below).


  • Individuals who are currently detained under the Mental Health Act.
  • Individuals who are actively suicidal or presenting at significant risk of life-threatening harm to themselves.
  • Individuals with a recent history of aggression or violence towards others which may put others at risk.
  • Whilst a history of drug and alcohol misuse would not be an automatic reason for exclusion, people whom present themselves to Supported Steps under the influence of either alcohol or illicit substance misuse may not be supported at that time, as they would be unable to engage with the programme of support on offer and staff would not be in a position to ensure other Service Users safety.
  • Service users who are homeless should be directed to the existing specialised support services within Bolton and Greater Manchester where there are any immediate housing needs as Supported Steps will not be able to provide direct assistance with this.
  • Individuals with a moderate or severe learning disability should not be referred to Supported Steps, as they may struggle to fully understand or engage with the support that we offer. Individuals with a mild learning disability may be referred, provided they are able to fully understand and engage with the support offered. 
  • Reasonable adjustments will be made under the Equality Act and Green light principles, for people with a learning disability, to ensure not only equity of access, but also equity of outcome.


  • Referrals and initial enquiries can be made directly via telephone to establish service availability, to discuss presentation of the individual in need of support, and any current support or care plans already in place.
  • Any professionals referring into the service may need to provide further information and documentation regarding needs or risks via secure-encrypted email. 
  • Supported Steps will make a decision regarding acceptance of the referral within 3 working days and may during this time ask further questions or for more information.